FCC Delays VoIP Emergency Acknowledgement Disconnect

FCC Delays VoIP Emergency Acknowledgement Disconnect


The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to give Internet telephone service providers more time to receiver customer acknowledgement regarding the limitations of 911 access with their VoIP service.

Originally, the FCC ordered carriers to notify subscribers of the emergency limitations and receive affirmations by late August, this was set in July. Now carriers have until late November, if subscribers still do not respond, they may face disconnection around that time.

“During this additional period of time, the bureau expects that all interconnected VoIP providers that qualify for this extension will continue to use all means available to them to obtain affirmative acknowledgements from all of their subscribers,” the FCC said.

If companies still provide VoIP service to customers after the imposed deadline without the proper acknowledgement, they could face a fine by the FCC.