Sirius S50 Wearable Satellite Radio to make its debut in October

Sirius S50 Wearable Satellite Radio to make its debut in October


Sirius Satellite Radio is all set to make a debut with their first wearable satellite radio player. The company has made a formal announcement in this regard and its first wearable satellite radio will be called the SIRIUS S50. Apart from providing the facility of storing up to 50 hours of SIRIUS content, the S50 will also consist of MP3 playback support and thus on the move listening will be a key feature within it.

The SIRIUS S50 measures just 1.9 by 3.9 inches and is only 0.7 inches thick. It will have a full color display, sleek black exterior and voice-assisted channel navigation to provide easy access to live content and the capability of capturing and storing scheduled or unscheduled SIRIUS programming. A variety of storage formats is an integral feature of the radio set. Easily attachable to a home dock, car dock or a PC, users will have the freedom to supplement SIRIUS content with their own MP3/WMA library. The radio will offer 30 channels in a preset mode. Highlighting the new wearable radio set from its stable, Jim Meyer, President (Operations and Sales), SIRIUS Satellite Radio said, “The wearable SIRIUS S50 provides subscribers with extensive versatility when it comes to when, where and how they receive their favorite SIRIUS programming. This small satellite radio is full of exciting, easy to navigate features for everyone from the least to the most tech savvy consumer.”

The SIRIUS S50, which will be available at retail stores, will be carrying a price tag $359.99, not including program subscriptions. This price will include a 6-hour rechargeable battery, ear buds, belt clip, armband, USB cable and AC adapter, car dock comprising of a remote control and an ultra-low profile antenna, DC input and line output.