Traffic Sensors to be installed in Baltimore

Traffic Sensors to be installed in Baltimore


Keeping an eye on traffic and chalking out your own schedule due to traffic conditions will become much easier for motorists in Maryland soon. has inked a deal with Maryland State Highway Administration to construct a network of wireless roadside traffic sensors in Baltimore.

These sensors play a crucial role in disbursing precise information on traffic conditions like vehicle speed, congestion levels, and travel times to operations centers in Towson and Silver Spring. That information is then transmitted to’s broadcast media affiliates, commercial customers and onto its Web site at The company is projecting its sensor as something that could be compared with weather forecast tools. Says John Collins, Vice President,, “With Doppler radar you see exactly where the storm is and you know if you have time to get home and cook a steak before it rains. That’s what we’re trying to bring to you with traffic.”

The 35-foot-tall sensors are solar-powered and communicate wirelessly by making use of a cellular modem. Their installation is an easy process and already has 800 sensors installed in other cities. Installation of such sensors by is part of a public-private partnership deal wherein the company has been asked to provide detailed traffic information to government agencies for planning and operations for 10 years. After they are installed in Baltimore, the company will have a wider stretch of sensor coverage – from north of Baltimore to south of Washington, D.C.