Pantech PG-1400 Ultra Thin Cell Phone

Pantech PG-1400 Ultra Thin Cell Phone


Pantech brings to market the PG-1400 mobile phone. It is touted as a slim (12.8mm), bar-type phone that is geared towards the stylish and fashion conscious segment of society. The PG-1400 features a VGA camera and weighs less than 75g. It also offers users an FM radio, color display, MP3 ring tones and a speakerphone while being bundled with WAP 2.0/Java 2.0, SMS and e-mail software.

The new handset will initially be launched in Mexico as the PG-1410 by the end of August.

“The PG-1400 is an important step forward for Pantech, in that it allows us to provide users with a handset that is competitively priced, but which also offers essential functions in a slim, stylish design. We expect the PG-1400 to support our expansion in Mexico and, subsequently, in other global markets,” according to Mr. Lee.

PG-1400 features include:

VGA Camera
FM Radio
Dimension: 103 x 42.5 x 12.8 mm (Intenna)
Weight: under 75g
Display: 1.5′ 65K CSTN
MP3 Ring tones / 64 Polyphonic
FM Radio
WAP 2.0 / JAVA 2.0