SanDisk Launches ‘Digital Backpack’ USB Flash Drive

SanDisk Launches ‘Digital Backpack’ USB Flash Drive


SanDisk brings to market a new USB flash drive dubbed as the ‘digital backpack’ for students. The new Cruzer Freedom is a specially designed USB flash drive aimed at the 65 million US student. It enables students to carry copyrighted material such as textbooks, novels, study aids, learning tools, and others. In addition to these educational materials, students can also use the new flash drive to store their favorite MP3 music files, digital photos and computer data files.

“Cruzer Freedom is an essential school supply for the digital generation,” according to Dan Harkabi, SanDisk’s VP of Secure Content Solutions. “Aside from storing their important personal files, students can now download books, learning tools and reference materials to their drive and use them on any PC, offline or online.”

When a student first connects the new USB flash drive into his/her computer (which is connected to the Internet), Cruzer is initialized and can then access the SanDisk Online Catalog. Students can then select and download content. A lot of content is offered free such as Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary, any one SparkNotes Study Guide and select classic literature content. Content for sale includes textbooks and bestselling novels from leading publishers.

Cruzer Freedom will be available initially at Staples retail stores in September. It will have a capacity of 256MB and be priced at US $39.99.