Pod2Mob Software Streams Podcasts to Mobile Phones

Pod2Mob Software Streams Podcasts to Mobile Phones


Pod2Mob announced today the launch of their podcast streaming service that enables consumers to listen to their favorite podcasts on their mobile handsets. The free application is one of the first on the market to provide such a service, it will turn any mobile phone into an iPod.

If your phone has a built-in media player, or Real Player and supports 3GPP, you can go to http://www.pod2mob.com/mobile and test the system yourself.

See press release below.

The Pod2Mob application downloads updated podcasts on the go and streams them to an applet on the users mobile phone. Through a thumb-friendly interface, the Pod2Mob applet puts users in full control of remote podcasting. content can be refreshed as often as desired, but usually once a day since most podcasts are produced daily. Programs are rated by listeners for quality and popularity, and an easily accessible favorites list makes it easy to get your daily fix.

Radio alternative

Alienated by the corporate seizure of traditional broadcast radio, podcasting attracts a younger, more affluent demographic and offers the ability to listen to whatever they want, whenever they want, whether it be on the metro or on the back porch. All age groups are increasingly dissatisfied with the diversity of programming in radio. Podcasting offers a compelling alternative as it represents an interactive pull medium rather than the passive push medium of traditional radio, implying the user has genuine interest in the selected program.

Time shifting

TiVo has clearly established that consumers prefer to have their media time shifted. Pod2Mob represents the ultimate in time –and place — shifting allowing the user to listen to what they want whenever they want and wherever they want. While TiVo provided a hardware solution, Pod2Mob is quick software download that empowers hundreds of millions of people to transform the mobile phones they already have into an enormous broadcasting network overnight.

Zutaut added, “Your phone is always with you, even when you forget your iPod. We built Pod2Mob so that people with the most basic handsets could start listening to the podcast shows they are hearing so much about. If you have a phone, you don’t have to wait to sync, you can get the latest podcasts on the fly. The ability to listen to radio shows on demand increases their value significantly.”

Select Pod2Mob features:

– Open directory where users can add their podcast feeds and the system automatically tracks updates
– Stream any podcast to the phone
– Rate any podcast from the phone
– Favorites: ability for users to store a list of their favorite podcasts