Memorex Launches Mini TravelDrive Flash Drive

Memorex Launches Mini TravelDrive Flash Drive


If consumers are not asking for more functionality, they are asking for smaller portable devices. Memorex complies with the introduction of the Mini TravelDrive, which only measures 2.25” x .85” x .33”.

The Mini TravelDrive is available in 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB ‘flavors’ and is expected to hit retail stores in September. It offers special security software which enables users to set passwords so that nobody else can access their files. It also features a blue LED status indicator, reinforced aluminum lanyard loop and an ergonomic gripping area.

“Consumer demand for USB flash drives is three times greater than just one year ago,” according to Allen H. Gharapetian, Memorex VP of Marketing and Product Development. “We designed the Mini TravelDrive to appeal to style-conscious users who demand a sleek look, maximum portability, and high performance from their high-tech gear. The Mini delivers all of the features today’s users demand from a USB flash drive, in a slim, small design that’s perfect for when space is critical, and fashion and design are top of mind.”

The Memorex Mini TravelDrive will be priced at US $39.99 for 256MB of capacity, $59.99 for 512MB of capacity, $99.99 for 1GB of capacity, and $179.99 for 2GB of capacity.