AMD Turion 64 in VoodooPC Notebooks

AMD Turion 64 in VoodooPC Notebooks


AMD has further enhanced the appeal of its AMD Turion 64 mobile technology processors, better known for catering to very popular gaming computer notebooks, by launching two new models — MT-40 and MT-37. New models are available in new ENVY Featherweight and ENVY Middleweight notebook computers manufactured by VoodooPC.

By bringing in AMD Turion 64 mobile technology to their product portfolio, VoodooPC will now be in a position to add award-winning AMD64 performance to their thinner and lighter notebooks. AMD’s mobile technology is credited with not only providing a 64-bit computing experience to PC buyers but it also scores on other points like facilitating extended battery life, enhanced security, and compatibility with the latest graphics and wireless solutions.

The senior officials of both the companies are exuding confidence that their association will be advantageous for computer notebook users. Rahul Sood, President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of VoodooPC says “The match-up of our exclusive design capability and AMD’s latest 64-bit mobile technology gives us an edge to deliver highly mobile gaming performance, quiet operation and ultimate style.” According to Chris Cloran, mobile division director, AMD’s Microprocessor Solutions Sector, “The 64-bit performance and open platform architecture enabled by AMD64 technology helps Voodoo build a champion system that puts the competition on the ropes.”

The new notebooks can be ordered from VoodooPC’s web site, they are expected to be available for delivery soon in North America.