Podcasting goes Mobile with Melodeo’s Mobilcast

Podcasting goes Mobile with Melodeo’s Mobilcast


Mobile podcasting is the next step for the popular technology just introduced this year. Melodeo, a peer-to-peer software manufacturer, has unveiled their software designed for podcasting on mobile phones. The application called Mobilcast, will allow people to search and download podcasts to their handsets from anywhere they please.

Podcasts have grown to be accepted by major media conglomerates like Clear Channel, to at-home weekly radio shows that anyone can produce.

Apple Computer plans to include a podcasts creation and distribution feature into their next version of iTunes. This will allow small time producers to expand their reach.

Mobilcast will make podcasting much easier, normally a user would have to connect their wireless device to their PC, after downloading a podcast. This would have to be repeated each time you want to add new content. With Mobilcast, you simply access what you like all from your mobile phone.

Particulars on the software’s support was not announced, but in September, when it is officially released, cell phone podcasting will become a reality.