Pentax *istDS2 Upgrade to the *istDS

Pentax *istDS2 Upgrade to the *istDS


Pentax has announced a sister model to the popular *istDS, which was introduced last year to the global photography market. The Pentax *ist DS2 is a super-compact Digital SLR featuring an extra-large 2.5-inch LCD monitor, a high-magnification glass pentaprism viewfinder and 6.1 megapixel sensor. The only noticeable difference between the DS2 and DS is the larger LCD and the possibility of no European availability.

Incorporating a stainless-steel chasis, the *istDS2 is designed to be extremely compact and lightweight – measuring only 4.9 x 3.6 x 2.6-inches and weighing just under 17.8 oz without batteries and SD memory card. The glass pentaprism viewfinder offers a 95% field of view and a 0.95-times magnification improvement allows for clearer, brighter image viewing and easier focusing.

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Major Features of the *istDS2

Large, high-resolution color LCD monitor

The *istDS2 incorporates a high-precision 2.5-inch color LCD monitor with approximately 210,000 pixels, making post-shooting image confirmation much easier. Recorded images can be magnified up to 12 times during playback for a closer examination of subject focus and image details. In addition, on-screen menus are displayed with large, easy-to-read letters and digits to facilitate user operations.

Bright, high-magnification pentaprism viewfinder

The *istDS2 comes equipped
with a glass pentaprism viewfinder offering a 95% field of view and a 0.95-times magnification. It offers a large, bright viewfinder image equal in size, clarity and brightness to those incorporated in conventional 35mm-format SLRs. It also makes confirmation of the subject’s focus much easier, even in manual-focus mode.

High-definition, maximum-gradation images with 6.1 effective megapixels

Thanks to its large, high-performance CCD image sensor measuring 23.5mm by 15.7mm, the *istDS2 offers 6.1 effective megapixels. Coupled with PENTAX’s original image processing technology, it produces high-definition images rich in gradation and saturation. It also offers a choice of finishing touch between “Bright” and “Natural” to reflect the photographer’s creative intention.

Compatibility with PENTAX interchangeable lenses

The *istDS2 offers the outstanding benefit of lens interchangeability, allowing the user to take advantage of a wide selection of existing PENTAX interchangeable lenses to deal with diversified subjects and applications.

PENTAX K-, KA-, KAF- and KAF2-mount 35mm-format lenses can be used without an adapter or modification. PENTAX screw-mount 35mm-format lenses and PENTAX 645- and 67-system lenses can be used with an adapter. Some functions may not be available with certain lenses.

High-precision 16-segment multi-pattern metering

The *istDS2 incorporates an advanced 16-segment metering system to assure high-precision light measurement, even under complicated lighting conditions. Center-weighted metering and spot metering are also available to meet specialized applications.

High-accuracy 11-point AF sensor

The *istDS2 features the sophisticated SAFOX VIII AF system incorporating 11 AF sensors (nine of them in a cross-type wide-area sensor grid in the middle). This not only provides accurate, pinpoint autofocusing on a wide variety of subjects, but also lets the user select one of the sensors to accommodate a specific image composition. It also offers a choice of AF-single or AF-continuous** AF mode to accommodate different types of requirements.

Superimposed AF sensor point indication

The selected AF sensor point is highlighted in red in the viewfinder for easy visual confirmation.

1/4000-second high-speed shutter

The *istDS2 features a high-speed shutter unit with a top speed of 1/4000 second and a top synchronization speed of 1/180 second to assure greater visual creativity.

High-speed consecutive shooting

The *istDS2 records up to eight images (in JPEG format, at Best image format and with noise reduction off) consecutively at a speed of approximately 2.8 frames per second, allowing the user to capture a series of the subject’s action or movement.

SD memory card compatibility

The *istDS2 uses the widely available SD memory card as its storage media, not only assuring high-speed recording and readout of image data, but also contributing to the compactness of the camera body.