Twinhead’s Durabook: Promises protection from everyday abuse

Twinhead’s Durabook: Promises protection from everyday abuse


There is no gainsaying that our lives are incomplete without portable devices like cell phones, mp3 players and notebook computers. Like our wallets, carrying them everywhere has become inevitable. And so has the inevitability of accidental damages to these devices. They could simply slip out of our hands or become damaged by liquid spills – the reasons are not few and far between. An independent study presents a much clearer picture, categorically earmarking that 18% of notebook computers return for repair in the first year of ownership.

But here is some good news for consumers of these portable devices who are susceptible to suffer the sudden failure of their products. Twinhead, a prominent name in computer notebook products for nearly two decades now, has developed a DURABOOK Notebook series, it claims to have rugged features that will provide protection from the usual mishaps. The product contains industrial rugged characteristics that will help protect the vital components like motherboard, hard drive and memory modules. Its portable quality is also enhanced by its slim and lightweight design. Twinhead is projecting its latest notebook as a product that is “Two Steps Ahead” of its rivals (US $1000 – $2000).

The company claims that the magnesium alloy top and bottom cases qualify it for US Military and European Committee rugged features standards and has passed in all crucial parameters like drop test, vibration test and spill proof test. Twinhead is exuding confidence that the Durabook will be major hit since its been offered at very competitive price – almost 50% lower than the fully rugged notebook systems available on the market today.

US Military and European Committee rugged feature standards the Durabook qualified on;

– DROP TEST – MIL STD 810F, Method 516.4, Procedure IV, 26 drops of 36 inches (29 inches for all 15″ DURABOOK systems) onto plywood over concrete with unit off and display closed.

– VIBRATION TEST – MIL STD 810F, Method 514.4, Procedure I, Category 10, Fig 16&17/ASTM 4169, Truck Transport 11.5.2 Random test, Assurance Level II.

– SPILL PROOF TEST – European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization of IP31.