Sony Walkman Bean MP3 Player

Sony Walkman Bean MP3 Player


The new Sony Walkman Bean (Sony’s latest flash memory-based MP3 player) is indeed a very apt name as its design does remind you of a jelly bean! The new MP3 player has a direct ‘pop-up’ USB jack, which can be connected to your PC for easy swapping of your favorite audio files. We all like to use our MP3 player wherever we are, indeed, even in the dark. As such, it’s good to note that the Bean features a bright 1-line OLED display so users can easily navigate through playlists.

The Sony Walkman Bean also allows for playback of up to 50 hours from a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and offers an ultra high-speed charge facility. With just a 3-minute charge, you can use this MP3 player for up to 3 hours. Great for people always on the go (or those who always forget to charge their mobile devices).

These Bean won’t yield a big stock, but they are available in two variants – 512MB (NW-E205) and 1GB (and NW-E207). A special 512MB model (NW-E305) that features a built in FM tuner will also be launched.

The new MP3 player will be available in Europe in the following jelly bean-inspired colors – Tropical Ice (Blue), Cotton Candy (Pink), Licorice (Black) and Coconut (White). Pricing details are yet to be released by Sony.