Dmobo M900 Mickey Mouse Cell Phone Hits Hong Kong

Dmobo M900 Mickey Mouse Cell Phone Hits Hong Kong


Cell phone users in Hong Kong have something interesting, youthful and lovable to look forward to, the Dmobo M900 Mickey Mouse mobile phone. You got that right; Dmobo has launched a Mickey Mouse-inspired mobile phone that features the world’s most loved ‘mouse’ not only in its design but in its software as well.

The mobile device, a tri-band GSM phone, features a basic clamshell design with Mickey Mouse shapes all over it. It features a megapixel camera phone supported with a flash with the lens peering out of the cell phone via a hole shaped like… what else? Mickey’s head.

When you open the Mickey Mouse phone, even the audio opening for listening into a call is shaped like Mickey’s head. Even the mobile phone’s SMS/MMS function includes quite a few built-in animations of Mickey Mouse which the user can send to family and friends.

The Dmobo M900 is composed of white and silver colors and can be carried around cutely with its little handle, which is shaped like Mickey’s glove. It is just 90 grams with dimensions of 88x47x22 mm. Alas! It is only currently available in Hong Kong and other Eastern regions for true Mickey Mouse fans.