Belkin launches Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle

Belkin launches Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle


Belkin Corporation, the global major in software connectivity solutions, has derived a new add on adapter for the iPod Shuffle. Dubbed the Dock Adapter (F8 Z026), the new device facilitates connecting iPod accessories with the Dock Connector via the Shuffle’s USB port.

The Dock Adapter is promising to deliver a better quality output as it allows your shuffle the flexibility to work with enhancements for iPods such as battery packs, auto power cords, iPod speakers, and USB/FireWire cables that have a Dock Connector. It an also provide pass-through audio via the Dock Connector. In operational terms, the new device makes the shuffle compatible with Belkin TuneBase (F8V7098) and TuneBase FM (F8V7097), Belkin Auto Kit – F8V7058-APL, Belkin Auto Power Cord – F8V7067-APL, Belkin Battery Pack – F8E464, and Belkin TunePower – F8E490.

Belkin’s Dock Adapter for the iPod Shuffle will be available in the North American market by the end of the next month and it is likely to be priced around $20.