Intel Advances Paxville Launch

Intel Advances Paxville Launch


For those eagerly awaiting the launch of Intel’s dual core Xeon processors named Paxville, here is some good news. The global chip giant has confirmed the advancement in the launch date of Paxville and now is likely to be made available in the market before the year-end, much sooner then previously expected. The company is claiming that Paxville will facilitate 60 percent better performance over previous generations, which may explain why Apple has shifted their direction to Intel.

For dual-processor servers, Intel will be delivering another version of Paxville codenamed “Paxville DP” also by year-end. Paxville DP promises a 50 percent improved performance vis-à-vis the existing processors in its category. Says David Lord, Spokesperson, Dell, “We expect to have systems available this year based on Paxville. We’re making an aggressive push to get dual-core across our entire portfolio and this is another great piece of that for anyone interested in a performance boost.”

Intel’s ‘aggressive push’ is believed to have been triggered by the its closest rival AMD, recently they have taken the lead in the dual-core processor segment with the launch of their Opteron series of processors in the server market. Gordon Haff, a noted analyst with Illuminata explains “Intel still is clearly trailing AMD as far as dual-core on servers. Intel has dual-core for the desktop but the [main dual-core] benefit now is on the server side.”

Both the dual core processors – 64-bit Paxville and Paxville DP – will have Execute Disable Bit (define) and improved power management systems. The additional features will be a “Demand Based Switching” that will facilitate pacing down the clock speed to bring down the level of power consumption when required.