Siemens CC75 Goes Back to Basics

Siemens CC75 Goes Back to Basics


As far as consumer electronics go, things just seem to get smaller and smaller… and more complicated. However, not everybody wants an all-in-one mobile device with functions one does not need, let alone use. Siemens answers this consumer need (or lack of need) by launching the CC75, a mobile phone that offers only simple telephone functions. Now this mobile phone’s function may be ‘barebones’ but its design and material quality continue to be ‘high class’.

The CC75 is easy to use, and with clearly and logically designed graphics icons would make any user comfortable. Its display is not complicated at all, it also offers excellent color depth and brilliance. Anything text displayed is easy to read because the 16-dot lettering is 33% more than usual (it’s visible from any angle too).

The Siemens CC75 may offer basic features but this does not mean that these functions don’t carry any innovations. For instance, tired of typing or keying in long text messages? The CC75 enables you to record a voice message and then send it straightforwardly via MMS.

The CC75 is expected to hit retail stores in the fourth quarter of 2005 in the color Aluminium Silver. No price has been released yet but Siemens states it will be in the ‘medium price range’.