Mobile Email in Demand

Mobile Email in Demand


An online poll of adult consumers shows that the demand for mobile email has grown tremendously in the past years, more than 40 million US consumers want it, and they want it cheap.

The poll was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of Critical Path, they found that consumers overwhelmingly want to be able to control who they receive emails from on their cell phone, not only to lower costs, but to keep the communication channel open for only important messages.

Results from the survey show that 71% of respondents want a “low cost” solution to mobile email services, 63% want “ease-of-use”, and 53% with “no need to upgrade devices”. What really stands out is that 96% of these consumers are not willing to dish out a few extra bucks on an expensive cell phone just to get mobile email access.

This is a clear message to mobile carriers and manufacturers; consumers want mobile email devices with dirt-cheap access fees and no need to upgrade for several years. If someone can pull this off they may take a large chunk of the mobile email pie in the USA.