iSoundz Wrap-Around Notebook Speakers

iSoundz Wrap-Around Notebook Speakers


Many people use their laptops a lot and do wish that the thing would at least produce some decent quality audio without having to lug around a large set of speakers. This is exactly what Digital Age Products aims to solve with their iSoundz Wrap-Around Notebook speakers, made especially for 14″ or 15″ notebooks. The portable speakers slide easily onto the back of your laptop’s screen and you can adjust it via its sizing dial (i.e., the padded grips that holds the sides of the notebook screen tightly).

When you want to listen to your audio files, simply flip out the speakers. At first glance, it seems that your notebook has developed wings, but hey for great sound, you’ll soon get used to it. When you’re done listening, simply swing the speakers closed (i.e., fold it to the back of the laptop screen).

The notebook speakers are powered by your laptop’s USB port and produces quality sound that Digital Age Products says is good enough “to fill a conference room, lecture hall or living room”. For added depth, the speakers even feature with a small but powerful sub woofer that adds base and resonance.

The iSoundz Wrap-Around Notebook speakers retail for just US $59.95.