Handmark hands out free monthly subscription of Pocket Express

Handmark hands out free monthly subscription of Pocket Express


Handmark has announced a free 30-day subscription to the Handmark Pocket Express wireless news and information service. The key feature of the service is that it is inherently attached with the Palm Treo 650 smartphone from Verizon Wireless and promises to provide fast and accurate information to its users on important subjects. Pocket Express primarily caters to seven different categories of services ranging from delivering news, stocks, weather, sports, 411 directory search, maps and directions and movie details. It also claims to be 30 times faster than browser based solutions.

Handmark says they have developed the most advanced solution to deliver a variety of information to the consumer and that with the bundling of Treo 650 smartphone features from Verizon Wireless; the consumers will get a cutting edge experience. Tero 650 smartphones are compact sized instruments which possess the features of a phone, personal organizer, camera with video capture capability, QWERTY keyboard, stereo audio and speakerphone. Douglas Edwards, Co-founder, Handmark says “Users of the Treo 650 smartphone from Verizon Wireless will find Pocket Express to be their most used service enhancement. The Treo 650 is all about versatility, speed, and all-in-one convenience. Pocket Express adds to those benefits with powerful information useful at both work and play.”

The company is presently providing free 30-day subscription of Pocket Express to consumers in the form of an attached software CD with every Verizon Wireless Treo 650 smartphone purchase. Treo 650 users can also download the 30-day trial copy of Pocket Express at http://express.handmark.com. For those opting for subscription, the company is charging a monthly fee of $6.99 and an annual fee of $69.99.