CF110: A fashionable phone from Siemens

CF110: A fashionable phone from Siemens


When it comes to the size of electronic devices, a good majority of consumers across the world could be found adhering to the maxim that “smaller is better” and the fact that the more fashionable a device is, the more appeal it has to the end-user. Responding to the aspirations of such consumers, global telecom giant Siemens, has now come out with CF110 slider mobile phones which has the crucial merit of grabbing your attention at once.

The Siemens CF110 is only 18mm thick, and is housed in a silver colored covering with glittering metallic effects. Billed as a smart accessory capable enough to add to your wardrobe on all occasions, CF 110 phones also possess a brilliant trans-missive 65K TFT display that offers a perfect view of the clearly structured menu. With its intuitive menu structure and central navigation button, CF 110 functions are very simple. These can also be used anywhere in the world because of tri-band connectivity.

To be launched in the last quarter of 2005 and initially will be available in “Moonlight Silver” and “Midnight Blue” shades. Siemens hasn’t disclosed the pricing strategy, however it is expected to be in the mid to low price range.