Boom Tme for US Wireless Marketers

Boom Tme for US Wireless Marketers


A recent report by Capita Technologies outlines a fact which did not take many people by surprise: The US lacks behind Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific when it comes to adapting Short Messaging Systems.

Due to the slow adoption of this technology, marketers have also been lagging behind and SMS has not really made it big in any campaign. The US providers are now gearing up aggressively to add this significant revenue model to their services and the implementation of an anti-SPAM legislation will help in developing a consumer friendly framework for marketers in the wireless industry.

Mobile phone providers are planning to learn from their counterparts in other nations by adapting wireless marketing in a less direct marketing tone (no spam and message blasting please) and more as a value added services channel. Maturity in content and delivery of intelligent content to the relevant groups are going to be underlying principles for wireless marketing.

A wide range of retail industries such as entertainment, food and beverage, services and general retail can use wireless marketing to provide a low cost and effective marketing tool. I have always been a big fan of location based advertising, like a 99 cents a slice SMS when you are steps away from a Pizza joint.