Navizon navigates with GPS and Wi-Fi

Navizon navigates with GPS and Wi-Fi


Navizon Peer-to-Peer Wireless GPS System is a service that allows users to locate their exact positioning in places that GPS signals cannot. The system is starting off in New York, Toronto and Miami, with possibilities of expansion in other densely populated areas depending on how well the service is picked up.

While making your trip around town, the system creates a Wireless Landscape via your Pocket PC and then helps you navigate in areas which aren’t effectively covered by GPS. Thus the system uses the Wi-Fi hot spots as a backbone to enhance its GPS positioning accuracy. The concept is brilliant and I don’t see how it could fail, unless Wi-Fi providers do not agree with the service and fail to support the Navizon system.

It would also be a great way to navigate in a new city without having to pay an arm and a leg for roaming cell phone charges. You can store positions on your mobile devices for future reference as well or share with other Navizon users, thus forming a library of locations; hence the P2P aspect.