iPod Not so Hot in South Korea

iPod Not so Hot in South Korea


Apple’s iPod is the undisputed market leader in markets across the Globe. So what went wrong in South Korea where the iPod has a tiny share of 1.8 percent of the market? It seems like the one thing which works in Apple’s favor everywhere on the planet, is what fails in the South Korean market. Call it cultural difference, but South Koreans seem to prefer gadgets with a lot of controls and brightly lit interfaces. iPod falls flat in this required specification and that has been one of the key reasons for its dismal performance in this market.

So is Apple worried? Will Apple rush back to its research and development centre and work on a newly tailored version to appeal to the South Korean market? Unlikely. According to GFK ( a research agency) the South Korean market for mobile music devices is down by almost seventeen percent from last year and is likely to continue a southward trend in the near future.

With iPod doing well in other mature eastern markets like Japan, where it has a 14% percent market lead over Sony and a whopping 74% percent market share in the US.