VoIP Worries Security and Emergency Officials

VoIP Worries Security and Emergency Officials


Up until recent, it was relatively easy for a line tap to be placed on a suspects phone – even in emergency situations, emergency officials could easily locate the callers whereabouts. Now with the growing acceptance of VoIP, it is next to impossible for these calls to be traced and monitored as they once could have so easily in the past.

Several cases in the United States have shown that VoIP failed in emergency situations. A 17-year old Houston teenager was unable to report a robbery that resulted in the shooting of her parents. This is not the case with all VoIP providers, many Canadian-based companies are assuring that a viable 911 service is already in place. VoIP is unique in a way that you could never have thought before, calls can be received in China, USA, Spain as if it were still being sen’t to your home.

CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) says they must go through many more steps to monitor while it is increasingly difficult to intercept.

As all new technologies, obstacles must be overcome to make it reliable. It may be a good idea to have a phone service that saves you money in long distance fees, but will it save your life in an emergency? Be sure to investigate your VoIP service providers 911 service, is it safe? Will they dispatch to the nearest location to you?