Verizon Wireless launches EasyPay Plans

Verizon Wireless launches EasyPay Plans


Continuing with their efforts to bring in more customers to its network, Verizon Wireless, the nation’s leading wireless provider with a customer base of over 47 million, has now launched a new scheme for consumers called EasyPlans. The new offer from Verizon promises all the benefits of a monthly plan, including a sizeable minute allowance, unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited IN Calling (only when your account is active), without a long-term contract or deposit.

EasyPay Plans which are available in two options will not require PIN numbers from customers. The two options which the company is offering to its customers are based on time limits of up to 350 and 700 minutes and are available for monthly payments of $50 and $70 respectively (fairly steep).

Commenting on the key features of the new scheme, Bill Stone, Vice-President, Marketing, Verizon Wireless said : “ EasyPay Plans meet the needs of customers who have a prepay lifestyle but want the benefits and features of post pay plans. With EasyPay service, customers can get large enough bundles of minutes that they can pay for in advance and forget about it until they need to replenish their account.”

The new scheme is also offering very cheap TEXT messaging services to its customers, only $0.10 for each message sent or received.