TicTalk Mobile Phone for Kids is Educational

TicTalk Mobile Phone for Kids is Educational


Enfora and LeapFrog have signed a licensing agreement that will integrate five famous LeapFrog educational games into the TicTalk mobile phone. With over 400 school skills in first through sixth grade main subject areas such as math, spelling, social studies and science are covered in the games.

The TicTalk mobile phone was designed by Enfora to cater to parents’ needs for a safe and reliable communication tool with their children. Now, with five of LeapFrog’s learning games in TicTalk as well, parents are further assured that their kids have in their hands an engaging and educational handheld system.

TicTalk operates on any GSM/GPRS network nationwide and is extremely easy to use. Parents need only log on to a user-friendly website (www.mytictalk.com) where they can pre-set who their kids can call and get calls from. Parents can also set how often kids can make and receive calls, and what hours and days of the week the phone can be used to call particular numbers. TicTalk can even be programmed when it can ring, e.g., before and after school.

It is expected to retail for US $99 just in time for the back-to-school season. Pre-paid phone cards start at just US $25 for 100 minutes.