5th Generation Apple iPods Expected to Sport Apple Scroll-Wheels

5th Generation Apple iPods Expected to Sport Apple Scroll-Wheels


Apple has been focusing heavily on its iPods. Ever since Apple established a separate division for the iPod product line, engineers have been hard at work on two main items; expanding its line of digital music players and narrowing its component outsourcing activities.

By reducing its dependence on third parties in producing the iPod, Apple aims to have more control over the iPod and decrease manufacturing costs. These ‘cuts’ will in the end probably translate to better profit margins and lower iPod prices for the buying public.

So far, what is known for sure is that by its October release, Apple 5G iPods will no longer have Synaptics scroll-wheels in favor of an in-house solution.

As for other changes, rumors abound that the 5G iPods will have better battery technology. It is said that Apple is busy developing an iPod that supports user-replaceable batteries, which the firm plans to market in the price range of $49 to $69. It is also said to be busy looking at other iPod battery technologies from third party manufacturers who claim to have extended life-spans and longer runtimes. So now we await the 5G patiently.