3G Moves Ahead with SkyCross UWB Antenna Technology

3G Moves Ahead with SkyCross UWB Antenna Technology


Novatel Wireless has selected SkyCross to supply them with ultra wideband and dual band antennas for their newest PCMCIA card modems. The SkyCross antenna will be integrated with the new Novatel Wireless card modems for GSM/UMTS and EVDO CDMA networks worldwide. Ultra wideband technology will provide next generation wireless services offering high-speed data for fast Internet access and private intranets, audio and video streaming and secure mobile applications.

The antennas will operate on the 850 and 1900 bands for USA CDMA EVDO network standards and 850 to 2500 MHz for GSM/UMTS standards in the USA, Europe and Asia.

“SkyCross is delighted to see the success of 3G technology,” said Dr. Chris Morton, CEO of SkyCross. “Our agreement with Novatel Wireless demonstrates that SkyCross’ antennas can meet the demanding requirements of leading manufacturers, wireless providers, and users in the global marketplace. We look forward to the future as the need for rapid wireless data transfer continues to grow.”