WHO sets the record straight

WHO sets the record straight


The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to claim that there is no conclusive proof that electromagnetic fields created by mobile phones are harmful to human beings. So where did the issue come up about reconfirming this?

The Mobile phone industry has common knowledge of this ruling of the World Health Organization but this has been brought up at the ‘Workshop on guiding public health policy in areas of scientific uncertainty’ held in Ottawa last month. Reports published during this event claimed that there is conclusive proof that electromagnetic fields DO cause damage. WHO is not convinced and was quick on its feet to re-enforce their previous guidelines and set the record straight. They do not support any such report of new proof or findings and any change in guidelines will be made under their official release only.

If you are still wondering whether there is realy any side effect to mobile phones, you would need to wait and watch for further reports published by WHO. There is obviously no final conclusion to this matter but it does seem like a matter of time before proof does crop up and WHO will need to change the rulings to that effect.

However the concern does remain over young children and teens using the technology while their bodies are still developing. Further is available from the WHO EMF Project which investigates the effects of electromagnetic fields on living beings.