Motorola i560 Rugged Flip-Phone on Nextel

Motorola i560 Rugged Flip-Phone on Nextel


Motorola has shipped off their i560 rugged flip-style mobile phone to , it should be available in stores within the next couple of days for $149.99.

The Motorola i560 is one of those phones you have to hold in your hand to realize it’s potential. I have a tendency of dropping stuff, and when you drop nice stuff, it’s not nice anymore. The i560 is designed to withstand those every day clumsy drops and probably a bit more. We will have to test one out just to be sure how rugged it actually is.

Being part of the Nextel offerings, you can expect the usual Nationwide Direct Connect and International Direct Connect features. It also offers Group Connect with group walkie-talkie conversations in areas without service.

Some of the other features include an internal colour display, speakerphone, voice recorder, voice-activated dialing, GPS capabilities2) and an Internet microbrowser2). Airplane mode allows the network signal to be turned off during flight while certain applications such as the date book can be accessed.

The Motorola i560 is available through all Nextel distribution channels, including retail stores, at a price of $149.99, with a two-year service agreement, new activation and credit approval. Taxes, fees, early termination fee and other charges apply.