Linux grows to be a serious mobile platform contender

Linux grows to be a serious mobile platform contender


With so many new smart phones coming to market, they will require more innovative software to make them attractive and unique to users. Montavista Software Inc. has been working for some time to get native, hard real-time developments to the Linux kernel, thus reducing the time between the command and the action time. This allows developers to consider Linux for more serious and mission critical software for the mobile and wireless industry.

It does look like the Montavista breakthrough will give mobile phone operators a look ahead to new applications being ported to Linux, and also ones to become mobile enabled very soon. Montavista claims to have filtered six million lines of Linux code to about one hundred critical interrupt-code segments.

So will Linux become the development platform of choice for mobile phone companies? Probably yes, if companies like Montavista continue to spend money on research and development on covering up the shortfalls in the Linux platform, especially on the security front. Keeping in tradition with the Linux spirit, Montavista has also used a discussion community to get the development up to this stage! Long live Open Source!