Vonage and TowerStream team on Wireless VoIP

Vonage and TowerStream team on Wireless VoIP


Fixed wireless broadband service provider TowerStream have formed an alliance with Vonage to offer their business customers wireless VoIP services.

Customers in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sanfrancisco, Boston, and the greater Providence and Newport, R.I. areas will be able to choose Vonage as their small business VoIP solution provider. This may be the first alternative to existing phone companies that these customers will have access to. Flat rate billing and low international rates with advanced features should be enough to entice many.

TowerStream’s current pre-WiMAX service is a high-speed wireless alternative businesses have chosen over integrated T1s. It also allows businesses to configure their Internet traffic to ensure priority to VoIP calls, if you have any experience with VoIP communications, you will know the problems that can occur if enough bandwidth is not allocated. TowerStream and Vonage are offering high reliability with their Service Level Agreements (SLA).

This partnership is just one of many to come as wireless broadband service providers continue to take over voice services that we once saw monopolized by the big carriers.

“We initially turned to TowerStream to help alleviate a latency problem, and are now receiving up to five megabits per second, which easily supports our voice and data for less than the cost of a landline T1. VoIP and fixed wireless have proven to be invaluable to our company and this collaboration will go a long way in showing that together they can quickly improve communications and cut costs for any business.” said client J.P. Maxwell, President of Tipit Communications in Brooklyn in a statement.