Symbian OS gaining ground fast in Japan

Symbian OS gaining ground fast in Japan


NTT DoCoMo has launched two new phones based on the advanced open Symbian OS standard, the total number of phones running on the platform in Japan has now gone up to an impressive fourteen. The two new mobile phones are the FOMA M1000 and FOMA F700iS, both are 3G compatible. The FOMA M1000 is manufactured by Motorola whereas the FOMA F700iS is manufactured by Fujitsu for NTT DoCoMo.

Motorola, the second largest mobile phone manufacturing company in the world seems to be betting heavily on the Symbian OS, this is their fourth mobile phone using the technology. The M1000 has some firsts to its credit: it is the first Motorola phone developed for NTT DoCoMo and is a WLAN-integrated W-CDMA and GSM/GPRS dual-mode 3G phone. The M1000 is also email enabled and has the Opera 7.5 integrated for internet web browsing. The F700iS also has features similar to the M1000 and both phones look like they will do well in the Japanese market; which is more conducive for changes than the European or the American market.

NTT also seems to be catching on to the Symbian OS fever in order to keep in sync with the growing trends. Symbian OS is something to watch out for and is taking more ground with every new product adopting it.