Sony PSP v2.0 Good or Bad?

Sony PSP v2.0 Good or Bad?


Sony this week announced a U.S. version of the 2.0 firmware upgrade for the PSP. The upgrade adds a web browser, photo sharing and a variety of other audio and video widgets. Depending on how you use your PSP, this upgrade could mean a number of things to you.

If you use your PSP to play games and that’s all you would like it to do, this won’t concern you much. You’ll likely do all of your web surfing at home on a desktop and have little need to turn your game system into any sort of A/V console. The only concern you may have with the upgrade is if Sony follows through with its threats of only supporting V2.0 required games.

If you play games on your PSP and that just isn’t enough, this is what you’ve been waiting for. The firmware will be available on the 12th and will add all the promised software, though the web will likely be a bit of a disappointment on the PSP screen.

If you’re the sort of person who is perfectly willing to hack the old firmware, or have someone hack for you, then this announcement is likely going to be bad news. The 2.0 update is basically a reaction to the modder community already having perfectly functional versions of all of the software included in the upgrade. The ones that Sony didn’t license, encourage, or even let you use without voiding the warranty, which is a relatively small deterrent to modders at large. 2.0 will very likely either wipe all of your existing firmware upgrades or, at the very least, render them nonfunctional. The possible coming of 2.0 required games is another sign that Sony will be using the upgrade to try to push out as many of the latest mods as possible.

One way or the other, the upgrade is here. The PSP can now do most of the things it should have been able to do from the start, and it can do those even for users who would prefer to remain within their warranty. If you aren’t running anything that you fear the upgrade will harm, go get it and enjoy the new functionality.