Big on messaging? Try the new SGH-x495 from Samsung

Big on messaging? Try the new SGH-x495 from Samsung


Samsung has a tradition of making their mobile phones have a particular look and feel, and the SGH–X495 fits that tradition. The classical flip open design of the phone looks neat and has multiple types of messaging services available through T-Mobile in the USA. A nice colour interface and icon based navigation screen makes the phone quite user friendly.

The Samsung X495 is pocket friendly, when you purchase it with T-Mobile services you can pick up either a prepaid or regular service package, depending on your needs. If you run through the list of features on the phone you will be surprised that it has almost all the features imaginable and is yet so reasonably priced. The idea is obvious: T-Mobile is more Keene to sell their mobile services then make a small profit on the mobile phone.

So if you are not too fussy about having a Nokia style user interface and are looking for a reasonably priced phone, the Samsung X495 could be a fit. You can check out the phone at any of the T-Mobile retail outlets to see for yourself, or pick one up for $49.99.