Next public warning system could be your mobile phone

Next public warning system could be your mobile phone


Times have changed. No longer do people carry around radios in their pockets, for this and other reasons, have made the Emergency Alert System of the US Government obsolete. Much thought and planning is going into National Security, and thus it is only a matter of time before mobile networks are brought into the picture.

The Senate Subcommittee on Disaster Prevention and Prediction hope to get legislation passed which will allow emergency alerts to be posted immediately to mobile phones and other mobile phone devices. It is definitely a smart idea. The usage of technology to help fight terrorism is already quite high and this feature will just add to the entire gamut. However, strong legislation and rules need to be laid down before an infrastructure is built so that people have the option to sign up to the services available, and there is a regulation in place which ensures that the system works and is not misused.

Most people are nodding their head in agreement as the legislation is discussed, however, time line for implementation is not known. Trial runs are expected as early as next year, so the next time there is an emergency (hopefully there isn’t) the Government will at least have a more technical relevant system in place if all other communication methods are down.