Motorola and Cisco to offer Dual IP GSM Technology

Motorola and Cisco to offer Dual IP GSM Technology


As WLANs continue to cover more ground, many manufacturers are thinking ahead to offer dual mobility systems. Motorola and Cisco today have joined forces to deliver seamless enterprise mobility solutions that will merge IP telephony with cellular GSM technology. With these two networks closely integrated, mobile communications will move closer to becoming a seamless anywhere, anytime solution for mobile professionals.

Mobile carriers are quickly snatching up Wireless networks around the globe, even the slightest possible threat to their current cellular offerings could put their business at jeopardy. The Motorola and Cisco solution, an extension of Cisco CallManager, will enable these carriers to seamlessly hand-off communications between their GSM and 802.11 networks. Once standards have been set, IP-based communications will be as easy to use as simply walking down the street, if your carrier doesn’t own the current network you are roaming on, time could be traded back and forth between the two carriers to offer customers the convenience in seamless connectivity.

“This innovative collaboration combines the expertise of two world-leading companies to deliver a complete communication ecosystem that meets the diverse and demanding business-critical communications requirements of today’s most dynamic businesses,” added Brown. “Our solution will extend the power of integrated communications services across the enterprise and seamlessly out into the world.”

Dual mode IP solutions are to be expected in early 2006, Motorola and Cisco are continuing to work hard to deliver an effective plan to bring it to market quickly.