Record professional quality audio with M-Audio’s MicroTrack 2496

Record professional quality audio with M-Audio’s MicroTrack 2496


At $500 a piece the M-Audio MicroTrack 2496 2-Channel Mobile digital recorder is not meant for all and sundry. Professionals in the field of media, journalism, training and top corporate executives would find a piece of hardware like this useful as it has many user-friendly features which make it an easy device to use for recording and transferring audio to an editing platform.

Features of the MicroTrack allow users to be free from technicalities of voice recording as it outputs files in two widely accepted formats: WAV and MP3. It allows you to publish MP3 content directly to the Internet, or professional quality recordings, it’s also very useful for musicians on the move. The device is easy to charge via the included charger or a USB connection, audio is stored to an expandable CompactFlash or microdrive depending on your preference of media.

The advent of MicroTrack showcases a changing online scenario as well. The increase in the number of Podcasts and an increase in the volume of online audio content have created the requirement of hardware such as MicroTrack.