Panasonic Oxyride Extreme Power Batteries heading to North America

Panasonic Oxyride Extreme Power Batteries heading to North America


If you are a frequent Mobile Mag reader you know that we are quite upset with the current state of battery technology. Everyone keeps upgrading the speed, capacity and storage of their devices, even adding new features, but they are all still haunted by horrible battery life.

Panasonic announced today that there new Oxyride Extreme Power batteries will hit North American shelves this month as they have become quite a hit in Japan. Panasonic claims that their batteries will offer up to twice the performance than the traditional alkaline batteries do at the same price. They will be available in both AA and AAA sizes and each pack of four will cost US $4. Sadly they are not rechargeable.

“The Oxyride Extreme Power battery was developed with technology based on a combination of newly developed materials and an advanced manufacturing process. The newly adopted cathode materials (Oxy Nickel Hydroxide and newly developed manganese dioxide and graphite) allow an increase in the quantity of the pouring amount inside the battery and a controlled mixing ratio, leading to higher voltage and current. Additionally, a new vacuum pouring technology enables the quantity of electrolyte in the battery to be increased, resulting in higher durability. With the combination of these technological developments, Panasonic’s new Oxyride Extreme Power battery allows users to enjoy the benefits of improved power performance and longevity.”