Korean GamePark GPX2 3.5-inch PVP

Korean GamePark GPX2 3.5-inch PVP


There is more than one striking feature in the Korean manufactured GamePark GPX2 with 3.5-inch LCD. The Linux based operating system of this mobile audio video player promises to give almost eight hours of video and fourteen hours of audio playback with only two AA batteries.

This highly efficient power management is most likely possible by the dual CPUs for Video and Audio processing used in the unit. Though you might consider the 64 MB NAND flash and 32MB RAM a bit less then adequate, it is easily expandable with an external SD card. Overall the GamePark GPX2 promises to be an interesting application and it might not be long before a US distributor snatches this up to sell under their own name.

The GamePark GPX2 supports a wide range of formats (MPEG, MPEG4, Dvix 3.11,4x,5x, XVID, WMV video and MP3,OGG,WMA audio) making it a versatile product for most users and very compact to take with you on any trip.

However a bit more interesting physical appearance of the GamePark GPX2 along with a re-branding of the name might get it more public interest. As it stands now it is quite a simple small player with a basic design trying to enter an already flooded market.