Hitachi Maxell DP-201 Digital Pen

Hitachi Maxell DP-201 Digital Pen


Hitachi Maxell has announced a new upgraded version of their DP-101U/B digital pen with reduced weight and thickness. The new DP-201 is capable of digitizing analog writing such as handwritten characters, illustrations, and drawings.

The DP-201 will last you for around 2 hours of writing time and 10 hours for standby on its rechargeable Li-ion battery. It will be USB 1.1/2.0 and Bluetooth 1.2 compatible. The charger and USB interface is housed in the docking cradle for easy transfer and charging.

I have never tried using one of these pens myself, it seems like a neat idea, but I would question its usability and practical applications due to the lack of battery power.