Vodafone still shining

Vodafone still shining


Here is good news for Vodafone shareholders. The companies latest announcement on new subscribers has shown good performance on all key indicators. Vodafone is confident on continuing their organic growth at a healthy rate, Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone points towards specific focus in growing the companies market share in Japan and pushing its 3G services as a more widely accepted service.

So what do the numbers say? With new acquisitions done by Vodafone in the recent past, the number of mobile phone users added are close to 4.1 million customers which is a whopping 35% increase since last year. Most of these new subscribers are through acquisitions and includes Vodafone’s 45% shareholding in Verizon Wireless as well. One might infer that the growth is European centric but a large part also comes from Romania and Czech Republic.

With the increase in numbers, it only means that Vodafone will need to keep the growth continuous, and in order to do so new services to attract users as well as continuing with high-levels of service performance. Considering Vodafone’s long history, this should not be a problem, and it is something that the top executives are already working hard on.