Ericsson and BB Mobile Show Seamless 3G and WLAN Handover

Ericsson and BB Mobile Show Seamless 3G and WLAN Handover


Ericsson and BB Mobile this week demoed the first seamless handover of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) based video services between 3G mobile and WLAN.

The live demonstration over Softbank BB’s commercial WLAN network and BB Mobile’ s WCDMA 3G mobile network was operating on the 1.7GHz frequency, it showed the ability for consumers to use IMS services as they roam freely between a mobile network and a WLAN area, without any interruptions.

This successful handoff between the two networks is an important step to bring mobile broadband services to every day life. It brings Combinational Services Standard (service combinations specified by 3GPP) to the next level. The incorporation of these handover capabilities will surely allow WCDMA and WLAN network exchanging to be included for 3GPP Release 8.

Mikael Back, Ericsson Vice President for WCDMA Radio Networks, is very proud that Ericsson, together with BB Mobile, was the first to demonstrate this handover capability. “I believe that this technology will provide more convenient communication services for consumers, as well as creating opportunities for new revenues for both fixed and mobile operators,” he says.