Wi-Fi hacker gets off easy

Wi-Fi hacker gets off easy


Jumping on Wi-Fi networks on the sly can get you in trouble, real big trouble. Gregory Straszkiewicz, a young man in London found out by paying a £500 fine and receiving a conditional discharge at a court decision. He has been one of the first to get caught and punished for such a crime, though a number of people are already using random Wi-Fi connections of other people without their knowledge. Gregory will definitely not win any prizes for being discreet since he was standing outside the house of a Wi-Fi user with a laptop and other related equipment.

Security of Wi-Fi connections will definitely need to be beefed up as this is something that is going to get rampant very soon since it is not a very difficult thing to do. Though legal action on Gregory has been swift and conclusive, it is better that such incidents are nipped from the beginning rather than let them mushroom on to become a big threat in the coming months.

So what can be done to limit and monitor authorized users onto a Wi-Fi network? Firstly, better security measures from the Wi-Fi owner himself; encryption, passwords, anything just don’t leave it wide open. Even ome level of hardware security like MAC filtering or firewalls to ensure only authorized personnel are accessing a connection.