Snore Stopper Snoring Zapper Ships

Snore Stopper Snoring Zapper Ships


So why does one snore in the first place? Snoring takes place when the muscles of the throat, tongue and soft palate relax too much during deep sleep. As a result, the tissue sags and narrows down the air passage. You then have to breathe more forcefully to get air and this causes the tissue at the back of the throat to vibrate, producing that ‘snoring sound’.

Snoring affects 37 million Americans and their immediate family. It can be caused by smoking, being obese, taking in too much alcohol, or having certain physical characteristics such as a naturally narrow airway or an elongated soft palate.

The Snore Stopper is device that is worn on your wrist. It has a sensitive micro-sound detector that is capable of detecting when you’re snoring. It will then produce a mild and harmless electric signal that is so light it won’t even wake you or disturb your sleep. Eventually however, your body will learn to just stop snoring as it tries to avoid these mild electric shocks.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of electro-shock therapy, although it may work it sounds a bit too mad scientist for my liking. Regardless, if you have tried everything and still can’t stop snoring, then you can pick one up from Gadget Universe for $59.95.