Motorola Oakley RazrWire from Cingular Wireless Next Month

Motorola Oakley RazrWire from Cingular Wireless Next Month


Cingular Wireless will begin selling the Bluetooth eyewear RazrWire this August. This is the first set of eyewear from Oakley to combine Bluetooth wireless technology for mobile communication purposes.

Bruce Hawver, vice president of Motorola’s Mobile Device Business said “With this one-of-a-kind Bluetooth-enabled mobile eyewear, active consumers can stay connected while moving from one environment to the next.”

The RazrWire module is compatible with Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 cellular phones and devices. The RazrWire has controls for volume and to handle incoming and outgoing calls, you can expect about a 30 foot roaming area from your Bluetooth device when in use. A wall charger lets you charge directly from a power source, or a USB cable to charge from your computer, battery life is expected at around 5 hours talk time and 100 hours standby.

RazrWire Sunglasses are about as good as Oakley makes them, using O-Luminum, an alloy about 40% lighter than titanium, spring hinges, and soft Unobtainium components to increase grip.

I’m sure many people are wondering if this will ever be released as a standard sunglasses add-on, or how about for regular eyeglasses. Probably not very likely considering the Motorola and Oakley bond, but maybe someone else will design and release a similar device. Until then, you can pick up the RazrWire for $294.99 from Cingular next month.