Free Wi-Fi at Dupont Circle

Free Wi-Fi at Dupont Circle


The next time you are in Dupont Circle area in Washington DC, you will not need to look around very hard to find a wireless hot spot. The entire Dupont Circle now has Wi-Fi access available thanks to a few enterprising organizations and their sponsors (TechAssist and its sponsors, the Allied Telecom Group, the Jurys Washington Hotel and the Law Office of Koltun & King). So what does free Wi-Fi access achieve for the locality? Other than provide excellent high-speed connectivity for all residents and office owners, Dupont Circle Wi-Fi network provides the fantastic opportunity for advertisers to be associated with cutting edge technology and get across to some of the major businesses in that area.

It all wasn’t smooth sailing for Dupont Circle Wi-Fi network though. The promised high speed of 3MBps is heavily dependant on the weather conditions in the area and also the overall number of users who have access to the network at any given moment of time. And there are definitely a large number of users who would take advantage of the free Wi-Fi connection.

Though Dupont Circle has been the first in line to get wireless access enabled in a local area, it is not long before this concept gets implemented over large business areas across other cities as well. So if your organization is looking for a neat way to advertise (after having got bored with all the regular mundane advertising opportunities usually available to corporations) sponsoring a Wi-Fi network might appeal to them greatly.