SMS Guerrilla Projector, Straight out of science fiction?

SMS Guerrilla Projector, Straight out of science fiction?


It definitely requires a fertile imagination which is heavily influenced by sci-fi to design this device. Code named the SMS Guerrilla Projector, the device allows the carrier to project text based SMS messages on to open spaces and surfaces. How? It has a mobile phone installed in the cylinder which receives the message and a torch shaped projector which displays the message onto any surface. There is no new earth-shattering imaging technology deployed here, but a mixture of existing available technologies.

Your first reaction (like mine) would be ‘interesting’ But. Yes there is a bit of doubt which comes in when you start considering the practical aspect of the application of such a device and come up empty handed. I am not sure if the designers of the SMS Guerrilla Projector haven’t really thought of it. Well sure, you can walk around throwing reflections of your messages on the wall, on moving buses, or on another person, but how does it make commercial sense?

Creativity need not be stifled by practical idiots like me and the design agency Troika should be given due credit for their ability to think out of the box. Maybe the SMS Guerrilla projector has no real application today or maybe it might go down the corridors of history as a break through digital products. You are sure to see it projected on the wall!