Cowon Cowon Gone!

Cowon Cowon Gone!


It went away before it could actually be felt and reviewed and commented on by users. The Cowon iAudio 60 gig X5 probably had one of the shortest life spans in the history of mobile musical devices, Cowon seems to have woken up to the fact that this is not good for business. Users have raised an indignant voice when the company pulled back the so called official notice regarding the launch of the product and Cowon, in uncharacteristic style has been quick to revert to the customers with an apology!

The apology re-instates the fact that Cowon will indeed launch the iAudio product sometime soon in the future as it has already completed implementing some changes to the new version of the player and is on the final stages of development for the commercial launch to take place. Kevin Kang and Cowon had already provided ample proof in the past that the company believes in listening to the customer and here is hoping that their product is as good as their customer responsiveness.

If you are new to the Cowon iAudio Saga, you can take a look at the previous product reviews of Cowon to get an idea that they have been working towards providing digital audio players to consumers.