Super high speed internet access for T-Mobile users

Super high speed internet access for T-Mobile users


A 1.8 mbps connection via a mobile network is definitely something to talk about. HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology shortly being introduced by T-Mobile is going to change the way users use Internet via mobile networks. Though HSDPA is still in its initial stages and will be going through commercial testing soon, it promises speed and ease of use to customers which they can only dream of.

Not only does the increase in speed help in reducing wait time for pages to load, it also cuts downs the time required to get web applications to interact with data online. Since HSDPA uses existing UMTS technology, it allows you to get the fast service without having to buy a new phone. T-Mobile is obviously very positive about the service offering and thus is making an official announcement about HSDPA services much before it is launched early next year in the mega IT event, Cebit 2006.

German consumers of T-Mobile can expect to see a demo of HSDPA at a few select T-Mobile outlets, these will also act as a consumer testing ground. So if you are constantly on the move and crave for a high-speed connection equivalent to a DSL connection via your mobile network, your prayers have just been answered by T-Mobile.